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eCommerce allows consumers to purchase art directly from creative artists, like me :-)

Consumers can communicate directly with artist through social media for that special purchase, or commission a personal piece of art. Art galleries need to make provision for cost such as retail space, insurance, staff etc. which increase art prices to you the consumer.

eCommerce allows art lovers with a simple, secure & convenient online purchase experience.

Artistic heirlooms....I capture special moments & memories in oils.

My own unique style | My own playful ideas | A peace of my soul captured in oils forever

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I would love to paint your beloved pet with oil on canvas

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 Paint Classes

Come and have fun with friends, meet new friends and paint your master piece!

Step by step instruction by Sonja. No artistic skill needed, classes are for beginners to pros.

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DM me for Commissioned Art, capture your life memories with oil on canvas

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